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Pin Letters

pin-letter-category-400pxPin letters are made up of letters that are either cut out, molded or cast. They are fabricated in materials such as metal, aluminum, brass, acrylic or plastic, mounted on a flat surface. They can be interior or exterior. Note: holes have to be drilled in the surface for pin mounted letters.

Channel Letters

channel-letters_400pxChannel letters are custom made metal or plastic letters commonly used in exterior signage for public and commercial buildings. They are usually internally illuminated.


raceway-400pxRaceways are rectangular sign mounting structures that serve as enclosures for wiring and transformers.


retractable-awnings-400pxRetractable awnings create shade on your deck or patio, as well as reduce heat and sun damage inside your home.


light-boxes_400pxLightboxes are flat boxes with one side either translucent glass or plastic, containing led’s or fluorescent bulbs to illuminate it.



LED bulbs last longer and use less energy than any other type of lighting. There are many colors available.